Moola Moola Youth Account

Teach your kids that saving can be fun with a SeaComm Moola Moola Account. Our Moola Moola accounts are for children through the age of 12. When you open your child a savings account, they will begin to learn about money management. The minimum balance is only $5.

Benefits include:

  • Access through SmartLine audio response and NetTeller™
  • Competitive interest rate
  • Payroll deduction is available
  • Dividends are calculated daily, posted and compounded monthly on balances over $5
  • Unlimited withdrawals and deposits
  • Quarterly statement
  • Converts to a teen account until the age of 18
  • New account holders are given a fun Moola Moola membership package that includes a membership card along with many other great items for our young members

Please Welcome...

Moola Moola

And the Money Minders!

Our Spin-The-Wave program awards your child for their academic accomplishments!

Here's how the program works:
  • If your child is graded under the Common Core reporting system and brings in a report card with the majority* of their scores being 3s, they will be allowed to have a maximum of 2 spins.
  • If your child has a report card of all 4s or has a combination** of 3s & 4s on their report card, then they will be allowed to have a maximum 4 spins on the wheel.
  • If your child is graded with a number/letter average and brings in a report card with an overall average of 85***- 89 or a B+, they will be allowed a maximum of 2 spins.
  • If your child brings in a report card with an overall average of 90 and above, or an A or higher, they will be allowed to have 4 spins of the wheel - maximum. Prizes range from candy to $3, 5 & 10 deposits into a child’s Moola account, or gift cards with a value of $5 - $15.
Attention parents: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the current closure of schools, we will be suspending our Spin-the-Wave program for the third report card period. If feasible, we will honor this report card during the fourth report card period. We appreciate your understanding as we take precautionary measures to keep our members and staff healthy and safe.

Spin the Wave

Lobby Schedule
Report Card Period Date Wheels Go in Lobby Date Wheels Come Down (prior to opening)
1st 11/04/19 12/9/19
2nd 01/27/20 03/02/20
3rd 04/06/20 05/11/20
4th 06/22/20 07/27/20

*There can be other numbers on the report card, but the majority must be 3s.

**There are to be NO lower numbers on the report.

***A child’s average will not be rounded up to meet the minimum grade required to spin.