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1st Edition 2022

I love my credit union.

THANK YOU for Growing With Us

Did you know that by keeping your money at SeaComm you are helping yourself and other people? You are helping yourself because you are getting in the habit of saving. It's a good habit to have because saving now means you can buy what you want later. You are also helping other people. That's because the money you save at the credit union - along with money from other members - is used for loans. People need loans for things they need, but can't pay for all at once. These are things like cars and houses that they pay for each month.

Your money is safe at SeaComm. We keep track of how much you have in your account and you can get it when you need it. Thank you for being part of our credit union family and for growing with us!


The Importance of Saying "Thank You"

When you do or say something kind, do you hear the words or get a note to say, "thank you"? If so, does it make you feel good? Probably! A new research study found that people really like to get expressions of gratitude. The study also found that people who send the "thank you" messages tend to think it's not that big a deal.

But it turns out saying "thank you" is a big deal. The research was about saying thanks for doing something that affected the writer in some way. The recipients were really happy to get the letters. They didn't even care if the note was well-written. So if you would like to make your friends and family happy, send them a message to say that you appreciate what they've done for you. Whether it's a gift they have given you or help of some kind, it turns out saying "thank you" is an excellent way to have a positive effect that doesn't take much effort at all.

Fun Facts

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Did you know that the butterfly goes through four stages in its life cycle? It completely changes from an egg to a larva (caterpillar), to a chrysalis (cocoon), to an adult (butterfly). This is called metamorphosis - a complete or marked change in the form of an animal as it develops into an adult, e.g. the change from tadpole to frog or from caterpillar to butterfly.

A butterfly starts its life cycle (first stage) as a small egg deposited on a leaf of a host plant. The host plant is what the tiny larva will eat as it grows into a fat caterpillar. The caterpillar (larva) is the second stage in the in the in in the butterfly life cycle. A caterpillar may grow for two to four weeks. It accumulates enough fat to go through metamorphosis. Then the caterpillar goes through a miraculous and amazing transformation (third stage called chrysalis). During this time, the insect (butterfly) is in a cocoon. It stops feeding and undergoes internal changes. The fourth and final stage is when the chrysalis liquefies its body parts and transforms its tissues into an amazing fluttering adult that we call a butterfly!

“Can your "Bee-lieve" it's spring?” -Unknown

Just for Laughs

Question: What do frogs order when they go to a restaurant?

Answer:French Flies

Moola's Spring Maze

Help the little hungry caterpillar to get to the yummy green breakfast.

Make Your Own Homemade Sidewalk Chalk Paint!

It's that time of year! You're looking for creative ways to have fun outside. A batch of homemade sidewalk chalk paint is a great summer craft and drawing on sidewalks with chalk/paint is a great way to bring out the artist in you. The best part is that when the fun is done, the mess simply washes away. Here's an easy sidewalk chalk paint that you can make and will provide you with hours of fun.

What You Need:

  • Cornstarch - 1/3 cup per color
  • Water - 1/3 cup per color
  • Washable tempera paint for easy cleanup - 1 to 2 tablespoons per color
  • Mixing cup
  • Plastic containers
  • Paint brushes

How To Make

  1. Mix equal parts of cornstarch and water. Stir with a fork or small whisk until the cornstarch dissolves.
  2. Stir in 1 to 2 tablespoons of tempera paint. Mix well.
  3. Repeat this process for each of the colors you want.
  4. Apply the paint with paintbrushes. You can also use some foam brushes instead. The colors may appear translucent at first, but they will become more opaque once they dry.
  5. The cornstarch may settle overtime and cause the paint to appear thin and translucent. If this happens, simply remix the paint mixture again.


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