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2nd Edition 2021

I love my credit union.

How to Turn Small Change into Something BIG

What do you do with your change? Does it disappear into a vending machine or a game? You can turn those nickels, dimes, and quarters into something bigger. That's because saving your small change now can get you into a savings habit. And that's a habit that can make a big difference because if you save now, you can spend later. Look inside for tips on saving big!

INSIDE: Fall Fun Coloring Contest, a Summer Boat Craft & More!

Turn those nickels, dimes, and quarters into something bigger!

Say you want a new video game console. Start by putting any spare change you have in a special box or jar. To help you remember why you are saving, paste a picture of what you want on the box. Then if you get money as a gift or from an allowance, put some of that money in the box, too. As you save more money, ask a parent to take you to your local SeaComm branch to deposit the money in your Share Savings Account. The money will be safe there. Plus, you won't be tempted to spend it on something else. A savings habit is one of the best habits you can have. It can last all your life. And it's one your future self will thank you for.

Summer Break 101: Have Fun and Be Safe!

There are lots of fun, safe ways to keep you busy and entertained this summer, many of which will get you outdoors enjoying time with friends and family!

Suntime is Funtime - Soak in the upcoming warm-weather days by:

  • Beating the heat at the local beaches
  • Pack a lunch and head to the local park
  • Plant a garden or make a bird feeder
  • Visit the local nature trails and take a hike
  • Get your craft on by completing easy projects like the Sponge Boat Craft on the back!
  • Start a hobby (photography, knitting, or cooking)
  • Experiment with at-home science projects
  • Visit your library and pick up your favorite books to read

Just for Laughs

Question: What do you pay to spend a day at the beach?

Answer:Sand Dollars!

“Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.""

- Maya Angelou

Fall Fun Coloring Page

Enter for a chance to be featured in the 3rd Kid's Corner Fall Edition.

Submissions are due August 15th. Please see the back for entry instructions.

Submissions are due: August 15, 2021 * Parent/Guardian signature is required for submission. By signing you acknowledge that SeaComm FCU has permission to feature the entry in SeaComm's 2021 3rd Kid's Corner Fall Edition, and may be shared across our social media pages. Submissions may be received by email or mail. To send your entry by email (with a parent’s help) take a photo or scan in the enitre page and send to: To send your entry by mail send to: SeaComm Attn: Coloring Contest, 30 Stearns St. Massena, NY 13662. Winners will be judged in 3 categories: Ages 4 + under, Ages 5-8, Ages 9-12 Winners will be notified by e-mail/phone. We are not responsible for postage or lost mail.

Make a Sponge Boat

What You'll Need

  • Sponges
  • Wood Skewers
  • Construction Paper
  • GLue


  1. Trim your sponge with scissors.
  2. Create sails by cutting triangles out of construction paper. If desired, glue the sail together on the top of the skewer.
  3. Push the skewer with the sail through a hole in your sponge.
  4. To sail. Place the boat into the water and let the sponge absorb water for optimal sailing!


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