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4th Edition 2020

I love my credit union.

Saving is Easy With SeaComm On Your Side

Do you have a piggy bank or wallet at home where you keep your money safe? Have you visited SeaComm with your adult to deposit money in your Share Savings Account? If you answered YES to these questions, then you're already on the way to knowing just how to save.

For some extra help, look inside for some simple tips that show just how E-A-S-Y saving can be!

INSIDE: Fun Facts, Winter Games, & MORE!

Save With SeaComm and These E-A-S-Y Steps

  • Earn money from household chores, gifts, or allowances, and save it in a safe place at home. Pick a day, and each week, put some money away in your safe place for something particular you want or need to buy now, or for spend money.
  • Always keep track of how much you're earning, spending, what you're spending it on, and how much you're saving. By writing it down, you'll have a clearer picture.
  • Save at SeaComm! When you stash cash in your Share Savings Account, you'll earn extra money each month called interest. It's like your money is working for you!
  • Set goals, stick with them, and the savings will add up easily.

You can do it!

Cool Winter Sports Facts

  • The Winter Olympics have been held twice in Lake Placid, both in 1932 and 1980
  • The four indoor Winter Olympic sports are ice hockey, speed skating, figure skating and curling
  • The word ‘Ski’ is derived from the Norwegian word ‘skíð’ which means a split piece of wood
  • In curling each stone weighs 44 pounds and is made from ailsite stones, which have very low water absorption
  • Luge, which takes its name from the French word for sled, is one of the fastest Olympic sports, with riders exceeding 90 mph

Just for Laughs

Question: What do you call a dog in winter?

Answer: A Chili Dog!

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart”

- Helen Keller

Dot Sticker Snowflake

Supplies Needed:

  • Dot Stickers
  • White Craft Paper or White Poster Board
  • Markers
  • Painters Tape


  1. Draw a snowflake on the paper or poster board (the larger the paper the more stickers needed)
  2. Tape the snowflake on the wall
  3. Stick the dot stickers along the lines of the snowflake
  4. Leave on the wall to come back to, or once finished display your masterpiece


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