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2nd Edition 2020

I love my credit union.

Ways To Grow Your Savings

In the summertime, we see gardens with bright flowers and lots of fruits and veggies! Growing a garden is hard work, just like growing the money in your SeaComm Moola Moola Savings Account.

Look inside for some smart tips to start GROWING your savings!

Inside: Fun facts, a coloring page contest, a summer craft and more!

Here are some smart tips to start GROWING your savings:

  1. Make a little plan for how much you want to save, write it down, and keep your goals in a safe place.
  2. Record how much money you spend each week, what you spent it on, and how much you saved.
  3. Wish list! Create a list where you write down the things you really want to save for and how much they cost.
  4. Now and later. Each week split up any money you earned from allowance or gifts into two groups - some to use now and some to save for later.
  5. Give yourself a reward each week, for being a good saver! Make it something special like your favorite snack food!

Magical Firefly Fun Facts

In the summer, many backyards are aglow with magical fireflies (lightning bugs). Here are some fascinating facts about them that you may not know:

  1. Fireflies are not flies at all - they are actually beetles. They are nocturnal members of the Lampyridae family.
  2. They are among the many species that are bio-luminescent, meaning that they can produce their own light. A chemical reaction within the firefly's light organ produces the light.
  3. The firefly's light is the most efficient light in the world. Nearly 100 percent of the chemical reaction's energy becomes light.
  4. Fireflies flash in patterns that are unique to each species. Each blinking pattern is used to help them find potential mates.

Just for Laughs

Question: What animals are on legal documents?

Answer: Seals!

His golden face around
He bares to all the garden ground,
And sheds a warm and glittering look
Among the Ivy's inmost nook.

An excerpt from Robert Louis Stevenson's "Summer Sun"

Fall Fun Coloring Page

Enter for a chance to be featured in the 3rd Kid's Corner Fall Edition.

Submissions are due: August 15th
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Supplies Needed:

  • Plastic water bottle/soda bottle
  • Glow stick
  • Foam sheets for wings
  • Scissors
  • 4 black 12-inch pipe cleaners
  • Googly eyes
  • Hot glue gun
  • Optional - Brush, Tissue paper, Mod Podge

How To Make:

  1. Clean the plastic bottle. Remove the label by soaking the bottle in warm water. Wash the bottle well and allow it to dry.
  2. Optional: Cut tissue paper into strips. Apply Mod Podge with a brush around the middle of the bottle, and then put the tissue paper strips onto the Mod Podge, wrapping it around the bottle. Brush on another layer of Mod Podge. Let dry.
  3. Wrap three pipe cleaners around the middle of the bottle and twist to form legs. Bend the pipe cleaners to look like legs.
  4. Cut two wings out of foam and glue them to the top of the bottle.
  5. Wrap a pipe cleaner around the neck of the bottle, twist to secure, and curl the ends to be the firefly's antenna. Attach googly eyes to the bottle cap.
  6. Crack the glow stick to activate and place inside the bottle. Put the cap back on the bottle.

Hint: Keep a supply of glow sticks to replenish the firefly after use.


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