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3rd Edition 2020

Business Spotlight: Jock Pest Control

Jeff Jock, the owner of Jock Pest Control started his career in a wide range of jobs that has lead him to where he is now with a vast amount of knowledge. He has driven tractor trailers, and been a professional cleaner, in addition to studying languages and hunting for 40 years. However, he was first introduced to the world of pest control by his father-in-law, who worked at Orkin Pest Control for over 20 years. After joining the Orkin team Jeff quickly became known throughout the northern east coast for his outstanding work. “I had a knack for it,” Jeff states; which eventually led to him opening his own business Jock Pest Control in 2004.

Since 2004 the business has grown considerably and now boasts 10 employees (including himself and his wife), and 10 new trucks. Jeff has expanded his customer base and can now serve the areas from Watertown to Plattsburgh, and everywhere in between.

Jock Pest Control prioritizes “quality work done quickly.” Each of the trucks in Jeff’s fleet are above industry standard as each truck is equipped with water tanks directly in the truck to save time while completing the job. Chemicals are mixed per house, which is key in preventing chemical spills.

According to Jeff, “most pest problems result from lack of prevention.”

When you call on Jock Pest Control you can be assured that if there is an issue, they can take care of it. Jeff prides himself on the fact that they will also do their best to discover how you got the problem to assist in any future issues.

Throughout the years Jeff has seen all types of creatures and has taken care of ants, spiders, fleas, bedbugs, cockroaches, bees, mice, bats, skunks, squirrels, and even raccoons. Each month has a target pest, and starting in the spring they can custom treat your property based on the pests for that time of year.

Jock Pest Control has a plethora of services they offer including: walk through of homes, pest control walk-throughs, spraying lawns for bugs and weeds, spraying trees, and sealing gaps where animals may be able to get through. They bat proof about 100 houses a year, and can even install insulation.

The team at Jock Pest Control is trained thoroughly and each team member is completing the services with the same efficiency and dedication.

Jeff takes very good care of his team, and makes their well-being.

Some of Jeff’s most unusual stories featuring pests include cockroach infestations that had spread from multiple buildings, raccoons eating away insulation, and his trickiest call was for what he thought was a small bee problem and ended up being a large 8ft plus active nest (and luckily he wasn’t stung once).

Jeff attributes SeaComm to helping him start his business. His father was an early member with SeaComm, as an employee of General Motors. As a member of SeaComm himself for over 30 years, Jeff adds that he loves working with SeaComm and our “exceptional staff.”

To request an estimate or to learn more about Jock Pest Control, please call (315) 250-8230, by email at, or visit them online at

Manager's Notebook

Time to listen, build rapport

Building rapport with co-workers and customers produces long-term career benefits, experts say.

It's time, they say, to listen up.

To get what you want in your career, observe how others process information and what their needs are.

It's especially important when others work for you. Daniel Goldman, author of Emotional Intelligence, says, "To inspire people and move them in the right direction, you have to engage them emotionally." Career success, says Goldman, comes more from the ability to deal with others' feelings than from personal power.

When working with your own boss, you will be more effective if you take time to understand his or her style of communication. One boss might say, "Could you please do this," and it would mean the same as when another says, "I need this done this way." By knowing the boss's communication style, it's easier to know what is needed.

Linguists at Georgetown University say people are never taught how listening works. As they listen, they think of what they will say next or do later. But they should be giving their full attention to what the other person is saying.

When you learn how to listen and observe people, you will be able to build a network of supportive co-workers and customers that will benefit your career.

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” -Henry Ford

Shipping: Success and hazards during the virus crisis

Unseen and largely unknown by many, shipping has actually been the lifeline for delivering essential supplies to the world during coronavirus shutdowns, but like everything else, shipping has been hit in ways both large and small.

According to an Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS) report, the top concern for shippers has been the inability to easily change crews. Pandemic restrictions have extended the time crews have to work aboard ship. Crew relief is essential for seafarers who can suffer mentally and physically after extended periods onboard. In addition, mental exhaustion is the underlying cause of human error, a contributing factor in 75 to 96 percent of marine accidents.

Not surprisingly, while shipping has been essential in delivering goods around the world, global lockdowns have slowed all business, including shipping. More vessels are laid-up, the AGCS report says, and companies have to cut costs. Many fear companies will cut crew and maintenance budgets, greatly increasing risks.

Supply lines are under some pressure from the pandemic, especially regarding temperature-sensitive goods. When the ships get to port, cargo handling companies have often shut down suddenly, or the ports are operating under severe restrictions.

Even obtaining essential spare parts and consumables, such as oils and lubricants, has been difficult, calling into question possible engine and machine efficiency, and with those, safety.

Around the world, tankers have idled at major oil ports and terminals in the U.S., Europe and Africa, exposing companies to piracy, extreme weather, and political risks.

Using Social Media to Market

When you think of Facebook or Instagram, it is not immediately clear that the gargantuan is local, not just global.

Every community has an online presence of citizens that use the website to communicate with their local friends and family, as well as out of town folks.

So a small business can successfully market to their regular customers online.

The key is getting people engaged and getting people to share information about products and services.

Some ideas:

  • Announce new products with photos using local people
  • Put your unique product ideas out there
  • Ask questions that involve your product
  • Do a short video of your new take-out appetizer
  • Show how it's made with a video
  • Post photos of your sales associates and delivery people
  • Show your products and services in connection with holidays & obscure special days
  • Create and announce virtual events
  • Have a photo contest

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Quick Tip:

Know your requirements. Do plenty of research about the federal and state government regulations.

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