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3rd Edition 2020

I love my credit union.

A Plan For Spending, Saving and Sharing

If you get money as a gift or from an allowance or doing extra chores, do you spend it all at once? Or do you save it all? Money is a tool for getting what you need and what you want. To make the most of it, you need a budget.

Look inside for insightful questions to ask when starting your budget.


Budgeting is a plan for spending, saving and sharing.

It's a way to sort out three things. First, how much do you want to spend now? Second, how much do you want to spend later? That's your savings. And three, how much do you want to share with those in need? A way to get started is to write down everything you spend your money on. Next, write down what you'd like to buy in the future. Finally, think about those you want to help - maybe kids who don't have enough to eat. Now when you get money, you can decide how much to put toward each category: spend, save, or share. It's the best way to be in control and to make your money work hard for you.

Migrating Fun Facts

Each year groups of certain animals move from one place to another. Some may travel thousands of miles in the spring and then thousands of miles back in the fall. These long trips are called migrations. Below are some fun facts about animals that migrate across the land, air, and sea.

  • The average arctic tern will travel the equivalent of going around the Earth 60 times in their lifetime.
  • Birds save energy and are able to travel great distances by riding the air currents.
  • Male and female walruses migrate in separate herds.
  • Sea turtles migrate back to the same beach where they were born to lay their eggs.
  • Each year Canadian geese fly south for the winter to avoid the winter freeze of lakes and ponds. Then they return to the north for the summer where they breed and nest. Geese are known for their V formation when they fly. This helps them to save energy and allows them to fly up to 600 miles in a single day.

Just for Laughs

Question: Why was the scarecrow given the Nobel Prize?

Answer: Because he was out-standing in his field!

It’s the first day of autumn!
A time for hot chocolatey mornings,
and toasty marshmallow evenings,
and, best of all, leaping into leaves!”

- Winnie the Pooh

The Fall Fun Coloring Contest Winners

Submissions were voted on by SeaComm Staff, and the winners below had the most votes in their categories!

Category 1 (Ages 4 & Under) Winner: Owen, Age 3

Category 2 (Ages 5-8) Winner: Xavier, Age 7

Category 3 (Ages 9-12) Winner: Kylie, Age 12

We would like to thank all of the participants for their submissions! We hope to see you for our next fund contest!

Halloween Popsicle Stick Puppets

Supplies Needed:

  • Orange, green, and black paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue/tape
  • Black and purple marker

How To Make:

  1. Cut out a rounded green rectangle for Frankenstein’s body and an orange pumpkin shape.
  2. Cut 4 skinny green strips of paper and fold them accordion style back and forth.
  3. Decorate their faces with the black and purple markers.
  4. Glue or tape on the legs/arms and let dry.


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