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3rd Edition 2019

Business Spotlight: Polished From Head to Toe

Randi Walton’s business journey started with her love of art. After completing high school at Peru Central, Randi had made the decision to change her path of becoming an art teacher and instead pursued a career as a hair artist and business owner. She attended the Champlain Valley Technical Education Center (CV-Tec) in Plattsburgh, NY for Cosmetology. After graduating from CV-Tec Randi spent 7-8 years working at other salons before taking the jump into owning her own business. In 2015 a partnership with one of her clients lead to an opportunity that allowed Randi to open her own salon. Polished from Head to Toe was born in October of 2015 in a building that was previously a showroom in Peru, NY. Randi’s talent and love for art assisted her in the designing and renovation of the building with a style described as “Hollywood Glam,” with a few rustic cabin touches that pay homage to the Adirondacks located nearby.

Shortly after opening, in January 2016 Randi had to add staff to accommodate the growing amount of customers. In the years since then the business has only expanded more. Boasting excellent reviews online, and an increasing wait list Polished from Head to Toe serves customers from Albany to Vermont. Currently, Randi has an esthetician and three hair stylists on staff and is adding a fourth this fall.

Polished from Head to Toe offers a wide range of services including: an all-natural spray tan with a VersaPro Spray Booth, hair services plus hair extensions, make-up, manicures, pedicures, facials, Microdermabrasion, and corrective paramedical permanent makeup. They also offer a full retail line of products from a local all-natural body and skincare company Pure Placid.

When asked about how she started with SeaComm Randi states that she had a connection with Yvonne Alterie, the Plattsburgh Branch Manager, and had only heard good things about SeaComm. She soon discovered all of the rumors were true as she describes working with SeaComm as easy, accommodating, and stress free.

To book an appointment or to inquire about the services offered at Polished from Head to Toe please call (518) 643-0999.

Be sure to follow them on Facebook @Polishedfromhead2two

Manager's Notebook

Office politics: Don't join it, Deal with it

Office politics exist in every business, large or small, but the key to dealing with the many personalities in a company is to follow some basic rules of courtesy.

First, while you might hear rumors, don't peddle them. Gossip about people, company plans, and policies is usually out of context, or worse, false. If you hear it, don't spread it around, according to

It helps to observe friendships and enmities in the company, according to If you do hear gossip, you'll understand the source.

Be courteous but quietly skeptical. Never trust conversations that begin with "off the record" or "between you and me."

Develop relationships within your work network by being reliable and helpful. Always listen carefully, keep the company's organizational goals first in mind, and never badmouth others.

Instead, get known as a proponent of positive interaction, and be personally accountable for your work and words.

To make the office more upbeat, don't fuel its political fires. Remain professional at all times. Address concerns and criticism with facts, proof, and confidence. Be assertive, not aggressive. Always be sure the tone is from an organizational perspective, not a personal one.

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Jerry Manor

Business Development Manager
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Jonathon Manor

Business Development Representative
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Local marketing: Voice search, Google business listings

Voice search is on the rise.

Maybe it's because big fingers on tiny keyboards are clumsy. Or maybe just because it is so easy and becoming fairly accurate.

But whatever the reason, voice search now accounts for 46 percent of all local business searches, according to the marketing expert Bernadette Coleman. Businesses should be voice-ready today to snag not just young searchers, but also older ones on all voice-enabled devices from phones to voice assistants such as Alexa.

"Near me" searches are up 900 percent since 2015. People want something close and they want something now.

All voice searches refer to Web pages and Google My Business listings. Local marketers must be absolutely sure their Google listings are correct with address and phone number.

Be sure your Google ads use natural language, not complicated industry or business terms. Be direct in your ads and websites.

Quick Tip: Feedback is a gift, solicit it and take it seriously.
Check out more business tips at


In the trade show business, it's all about bang - but with minimal traffic to your booth, all you'll hear will be the whispers.

Here, for future planning, are a few practical ways to lure folks to your location on the trade-show floor.

According to, use visual, audio, and written incentives on social media that typically attract people to stores, shopping centers, and auto dealers, among others. Also, be sure to promote the number of your booth every way possible.

Invite current customers to a Happy Hour on opening day. Not only does it give them a good reason to stop by, but their presence also makes your booth look like it's the place to be.

Seize attention with the ever-present senses of smell, hearing, and touch. They increase your chances of separating your booth from the crowd.

In the morning, many wandering the exhibit hall are still awakening from the night before. Fill the air around your booth with the aroma of hot coffee and welcome your visitors with a large styrofoam cup of premium java.

A hanging digital sign is one of 2019's most talked about trade show trends. The motion and light of a digital sign above a booth catches the eye and lures attendees to investigate further.

Provide a demo station for visitors to use your software, handle products you're promoting, or try out your newest technology for themselves. They'll leave with an experience that's more than just pretty graphics in your trade show booth.

"I knew that if I failed I wouldn’t regret that, but I knew the one thing I might regret is not trying." -Jeff Bezos, Founder & CEO of Amazon


It's an annual tradition for many: lugging the kids around for clothing and other supplies at back-to-school time.

But it's also big business, with this time of year ranking only behind the holidays for spending. In a survey conducted last year by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights and Analytics, total spending for K-12 and college combined was projected to reach $82.8 billion.

A story out of Denver reported that back-to-school spending had surpassed Christmas shopping for a number of retailers there.

Families with children in elementary through high school planned to spend an average $684.79 each, while college students and families of those in college planned to spend an average $942.17 each.

In an era dominated by tech, it was an old standby that nevertheless ruled the day. Families spent the most on clothing. NRF posited that gadgets have become such a staple in everyday life that they are purchased year-round now rather than being an item that consumers save for and buy at a certain time of year.

Consumers also start fairly early, at an average of three weeks before school begins. This can make for a lengthy retail season, as the start of the school year varies by about a month across the country (anywhere from the beginning of August to the beginning of September).


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