Q. Why is my available balance less than my actual balance?

A. If you use your debit card to make a purchase, the company may place a hold on the funds until they submit the actual debit. This means that although the money is in your account, it will be withdrawn in the very near future. A hold placed on a check deposited to your account will also cause the available balance to be less than the actual balance. Please keep in mind that your savings account must always have a $5.00 balance. That $5.00 is held in the savings and is not reflected as being available.

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Q. How do I add another person to my account?

A. You can have another person added to your account by stopping into one of our offices and requesting that the person be added to your account. We will need the person being added to your account to come in with two forms of valid identification. We need all of the account holders to sign a new signature card before the new name will be added to the account.

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Q. How do I remove someone from my account?

A. The joint owner must sign a form to have their name removed from the account. The form is available with any of our Member Service Representatives. You can also download the form, fill it in completely and mail or bring it into any location. The form must be signed signed in front of a SeaComm Representative or a Notary Public.

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Q. How do I change my address on my account?

A. To protect you from Identity Theft, SeaComm requires that you sign a change of address form. If you are unable to come in to one of our offices, a written request with your signature will be fine. If you have access to your account through the Home Branch, you may change your address there also. A signature is required to change any address unless it is done on Home Branch where we have already properly identified you.

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Q. I authorized a company to debit my account once, and now they have done it again. What should I do?

A. You should first try to contact the company that debited your account to resolve it with them. We recommend this method first, because it is the quickest way for you to have the money returned to your account. If you can not resolve the unauthorized debit with the company, please come into one of our offices immediately. We will have you sign an unauthorized debit form. We can start working on having your money returned once we have your signature on the form. At that time, we can also establish the method of debit and how to stop it from occurring again.

For your convenience, you can download the Noticed of Unauthorized ACH Debit Form

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Q. Can I stop payment on a check? Is there a fee? What if it was a check by phone?

A. A stop payment can be placed on any written check for a $25.00 fee. If the check was done by phone, please call for more specific details. A check done by phone can clear in many different ways.

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Q. Can I have money wired into my account? Can I wire money to someone else’s account at another financial institution?

A. You can have money wired into your account as well as wiring money into another financial institution. If you are having money wired into your SeaComm account, please call the Credit Union for specific instructions. There is no fee for incoming wires. If you wish to wire money into an account at another financial institution, we will need the financial institutions specific wiring instructions. There is a $15.00 fee for outgoing wires up to $50,000 and a $25.00 fee for outgoing wires over $50,000. SeaComm does not wire money out of the United States.

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Q. What is Seacomm’s routing number?

A. The routing number for all SeaComm accounts is 221376539.

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Q. What is a courtesy pay fee?

A. A courtesy pay fee is part of the Over Draft Privilege Program. A courtesy pay fee is deducted from your checking account any time SeaComm clears an item from your checking account that causes your account to go into the negative. The amount of a courtesy pay fee is $25.00. The fee is deducted from your checking account at the same time as the check or debit is cleared. With ODP, SeaComm will not return your check to whoever tried to cash it.

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Q. Someone has my account number. What should I do?

A. We strongly advise that you close that account, and reopen a new account. Please look under ID Theft on our Home Page for more specific information on Identity Theft.

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Q. How do I get an ATM/debit card?

A. We must receive a request from you before either card can be ordered. An ATM card is used primarily to receive funds from an ATM. You must have a checking account to request a debit card. Debit cards allow you to access your funds through an ATM machine as well as make purchases anywhere that Visa is accepted. We accept requests for these cards in person or via the telephone.

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Q. If money is deposited or transferred into a checking or savings account, is it available immediately?

A. If the funds are transferred from another SeaComm account, they are available immediately. If cash is deposited, it is available immediately. If a check is deposited it may or may not be available immediately. Upon deposit of a check you will be made aware of any holds that may be placed on the check. The holds are done for many reasons and can be explained individually at the time of deposit.

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Q. If I make a deposit at the ATM, is it available immediately?

A. Deposits made through the ATM machines will not be available until the deposit is verified. Deposits are verified on the next business day after a deposit has been made.

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Q. When will a deposit to my account be made if I use the night drop?

A. Night drop deposits are posted to accounts on the next business day. Saturdays are not considered business days. A deposit made on Friday evening will not be posted until Monday morning.

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Q. Can I mail in deposits?

A. Yes, you can mail in deposits. Please make sure to specify the account number to which the deposits are to be made.

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Q. How can I order new checks? The online link won’t let me.

A. Your first check order must be made by telephone or in person at any SeaComm location. This allows us to verify who you are and protect you from Identity Theft. Once you have completed your first check order, you can reorder using the online link.

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Q. If I make a deposit after 3pm, does it go on the next day's business?

A. No, all transactions done during business hours are credited for that day.

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