Updated: 09/19/14

Stearns St ATM Downtime:

Due to scheduled upgrades, our ATM located in the vestibule at our 30 Stearns St location is currently unavailable. Please utilize our drive-up ATM during this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


We have received notification of a possible data breach involving a nationwide merchant that may have compromised some member debit cards.  Due to this intrusion, SeaComm is automatically reissuing debit cards to those members who could be potentially impacted by the breach.  Affected members will be notified by SeaComm via letter, with full instructions on how to proceed with the automatic debit card reissue. 


To view a message regarding card compromises, click the blue tab to the right titled "President and CEO Message."


We have been notified that some members (and non-members) have received email notifications that their online account service has been temporarily deactivated awaiting account information updates.  PLEASE NOTE:  THIS IS NOT A MESSAGE COMING FROM SEACOMM AND IS A SCAM!  Do not respond to the email or complete the form that is attached to it, simply delete it.

To view a sample of the email received, please click this link.

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FREE, easy-to-use software to help you manage money more effectively.

CheckRight is a web-based checking account management education module designed to teach you how to manage a checking account.

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President and CEO Message

President & CEO Fall Podcast

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Message from the CEO Regarding Card Compromises, Cyber Attacks and
Phishing Schemes
September 8, 2014

It seems that there are more and more reports in the news of data breaches, identity thefts, phishing schemes and cyber‐attacks. Just last week an unnamed nationwide merchant only heightened our awareness. Be assured that we take the necessary proactive precautions available to us, to ensure the integrity of our internal data operating system. At the same time, we work with our members who have experienced external compromises to minimize any inconvenience due to fraudulent activity.

It is important that we let our members know; it isn’t SeaComm, nor is it our own internal operating system, which has caused these recent issues. Retailers and payment system companies need to increase their own vigilance in protecting its customer’s vital debit and credit information by increasing their own data security standards. Unfortunately, the consumer and financial institutions like us are the ones who feel the direct effect of these types of compromises. We are the card issuer and therefore are ultimately the one who deals directly with our member to assist them in resolving these types of issues and concerns.

Members carrying our VISA logo debit and or credit card in conjunction with our zero‐liability policy enables them the peace of mind in knowing we will work with them to ensure any issue pertaining to fraud is resolved. It is important that when fraudulent charges appear to notify us immediately. We will then begin the dispute process and provide provisional credit for those charges.

As a best practice we ask that you monitor your accounts regularly for suspicious activity via NetTeller, Mobile, Smartline or by calling us to ensure all charges incurred are legitimate. And, never give out your financial information unless you are absolutely positive you are communicating with us directly. This due diligence is an important process in the partnership between us.

Once we know someone has had an issue, we can block their current card to ensure no additional fraudulent charges occur and immediately reissue a new debit card right in one of our retail branches. We understand how inconvenient it can be without a debit or credit card and we want to make it a top priority to ensure they are able to continue to conduct business as seamless as possible.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-800-764-0566, so we can work with you to immediately begin to resolve those issues.


Scott A. Wilson
President & Chief Executive Officer


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Driving Sense™


Driving Sense™

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Platinum Cash Back

Our no-frills, economic credit card for the member who wants just the basics. This card is an ideal starter card for establishing credit or rebuilding a solid credit score. You are also eligible to earn "cash back" (up to a 1% rebate) on card purchases, with money credited to your VISA account each December.

Platinum Points

This VISA card allows you to earn "points" with every card purchase. Earn one point for each $1 you charge on your SeaComm Platinum VISA with our ScoreCard Program. Use your points to purchase airline and travel services or name-brand electronics, home furnishings, appliances, toys, sporting goods and much more!

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Attractive card features:

  • Credit lines can be as low as $250;
  • No Annual Fees: This is a potential savings of up to $45 over other credit cards.
  • Low Every Day Rates: Save over other bank and store cards with a rate well below the national average!
  • 25 Day Interest-Free Grace Period: You have a minimum of 25 days without a finance charge on new purchases if you pay the total “new balance” on your monthly statement each month by the due date.

Verified by Visa is the easy new way to enjoy added security for all your online Visa card purchases. Learn more about it here.

Visa Application & Disclosure
Visa Limit Increase / Balance Transfer Applications

  • No Cash Advance or ATM Fees: You can get advances 24 hours a day with no SeaComm fee, from any ATM displaying the VISA logo.
  • Free Travel Insurance Coverage: When you charge tickets on any common carrier (airline, train, ship or bus) you’re automatically covered to $250,000 with VISA Platinum Cash Back or $1,000,000 with VISA Platinum Points
  • Additional Services: Emergency card replacement, cash advances up to $300 per day, at any ATM, the benefits of extensive VISA travel services and optional insurance for auto rental damages.


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